NEWS:High tech test for MARINE KEYBOARDS KT-96 WATER RESISTANT is born, the new range of KEYBOARDS SEALED. | A new product is born:KT-SENSOR the CAPACITIVE KEYBOARD with programmable setting. |You can point to reduce environmental impact through the "RETROFIT" and "RESTYLING" of those products in the industrial automation... KT-DIGITAL-M: OPTICAL MOUSE with programmable rotation...
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CSQ 9001
CSQ 14001

Since 2001, K-TRONIC has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001. We believe that quality is not limited to internal processes. It also includes our dedication to the mark we make on our external surroundings.
Thanks to this attitude, in 2006, K-TRONIC achieved an environmental certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001.

Legislative aspect:

We follow all legal regulations and, where laws and regulations do not exist, uphold ourselves to the highest internal standards.

Constant improvement:

We do our best to spread a philosophy of quality, environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace in order to foster continuous improvement.

Environmental protection and health safety:

We are committed to preventing pollution by improving environmental protection, directing business processes to solutions of greater respect for the environment, reducing the consumption of energy and the emissions of pollutants and related waste.
We choose and our equipment, resources and raw materials rationally and consider their impact on the environment and their potential risk to the health and safety of our employees before incorporating them into our products.

Customer Satisfaction:

We optimize the production process in order to achieve a competitively priced, quality product that complies with the requirements of the clients and exceeds their expectations.

Directions: K-tronic S.R.L. Production and Sales of Industrial membrane keyboards.
Via Alessandro Volta 31, 10040 Druento TO
Tel: (+39) 011/9941705 Fax: (+39) 011/9845281