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Backlighting keyboard


Backlit keyboards

Encapsulated LEDs

Encapsulated LEDs are a relatively new technology, normally used for keyboards on flexible printed circuit boards.
The support is made of 125-micron polyester. The circuit is fabricated using screen-printed silver strips.
The LEDs are welded using conductive resins with silver pigments, then encapsulated and integrated with the support itself.
This type of technology allows for luminous signs at low cost and it attaches to irregular surfaces and/or conditions of limited space.


The electroluminescent lamp is a thin, light-emitting film built on a flexible, polyester support. It is made of a multi-layer structure that behaves like a capacitor, wherein particles of phosphorus are inserted between two flat electrodes (of which the upper is transparent and the lower is silver coated).

When an alternating voltage is applied to the two terminals, it creates a variable electric field that causes the emission of light. The light is distributed uniformly over the entire surface of the lamp in various colors. It is characterized by lightness and is resistant to severe shock and vibration. It is thin and very flexible, which makes it adaptable to curved surfaces as well. It can be produced in different dimensions and forms and can be drilled and/or punched without any risk to the uniformity of the light emitted.

The light diffused is "cold" and does not involve heat emission. The power consumption can be assessed around 1mA/cm2. The electroluminescent lamp can be integrated into a membrane keyboard, both to illuminate the individual keys and to highlight their profile.

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