NEWS:High tech test for MARINE KEYBOARDS KT-96 WATER RESISTANT is born, the new range of KEYBOARDS SEALED. | A new product is born:KT-SENSOR the CAPACITIVE KEYBOARD with programmable setting. |You can point to reduce environmental impact through the "RETROFIT" and "RESTYLING" of those products in the industrial automation... KT-DIGITAL-M: OPTICAL MOUSE with programmable rotation...
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Industrial keyboards

Custom Keyboards

Custom membrane keypads

Customization options:
  • Logo
  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Connection interfaces
  • Antimicrobial treatments
  • Backlighting
  • Types of pointers
  • Types of button
  • Switches
  • Customized pockets

Backlit Membrane keyboards

K-TRONIC manufactures custom, backlit membrane keyboards made with:
  • LED + diffusion
  • Electroluminescent lamps
These keyboards can be used in all industries with unique visibility conditions; such as aerospace, automotive, appliance, medical, marine, railway, etc. On demand, it is possible to backlight the wording and/or individual keys, as well as choose between a general switch for all the keys or individual switches for each.

Flexible membrane keypads in Kapton

K-TRONIC produces, especially for military section, flexible keyboards on Kapton support with gold contacts on the keys and zif connector. This technology allows the creation of highly miniaturized keyboards in the connector area.

Anti-microbial keyboards

This type of keyboard is specifically designed for healthcare environments:
  • hospitals
  • wellness centers
  • refectory
  • clinics
The particular anti-microbial treatment adds to the keyboards a protection that allows the self-inhibition of bacteria.

Silicone rubber keyboards

The keyboards can be supplied in conductive, silicone rubber (with or without inserts), to be used in conjunction with rigid printed circuit boards or on the polyester membrane.
The silicone rubber is one of the most stable elastomers, with excellent resistance to temperature and aging; it doesn?t deform with compression and it is chemically inert and is immune to corrosion and decay.
It also has excellent resistance to alkalis, oils and acids.
The silicone rubber is an electronically insulating material that, by the addition of conductive carbon particles, becomes conductive.

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