NEWS:High tech test for MARINE KEYBOARDS KT-96 WATER RESISTANT is born, the new range of KEYBOARDS SEALED. | A new product is born:KT-SENSOR the CAPACITIVE KEYBOARD with programmable setting. |You can point to reduce environmental impact through the "RETROFIT" and "RESTYLING" of those products in the industrial automation... KT-DIGITAL-M: OPTICAL MOUSE with programmable rotation...
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Industrial keyboards

Pc Standard industrial keyboards

Embedded membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards (in silkscreen reverse-printed polyester, inserted in an aluminum frame) protect the keyboard's edges and facilitate assembly.
The user must only make a small cut on the support surface. The keyboard edge will completely cover any irregularities.
The keyboard is waterproof and easily installed with the included installation kit.

Rack membrane keyboards

Polyester membrane keyboards built with different layouts suitable for assembly in rack cabinets of 19'' width and 2-12 units height. Protects IP65 on the front panel, when properly installed.
The range consists of different pointer systems (touchpad, trackball, joystick mini) and several monitors (12'', 15'', 17'').

Capacitive keyboards

Capacitive keyboards are equipped with innovative touchscreen technology that allows interaction through simple surface touches. Capacitive keyboard keys can be used through glass, plexiglass and other electrically inert materials

Membrane back panel keyboards

Polyester membrane Keyboards where the customer is free to fix the keyboard in two ways: In polyester, these membrane keyboards allow the customer to attach the keyboard in two different ways:
  • Front panel (unprotected keyboard edges)
  • Back panel (cut surface edges must be aesthetically perfect as keyboard will be fixed by brackets (keyboards are equipped with threaded inserts for attachment by screws).

Desktop membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards in polyester (with mechanical keys, metallic dome on rigid printed circuit) inserted in cases (ABS/PVC/ALUMINUM).
Especially resistant and hermetic (IP 65), they can be applied to a working table or attached with 4 back inserts, to either a vertical or inclined surface. Different pointing systems are available, with touchpad or silicon rubber (trackball on demand).

Membrane keyboard drawers

Membrane keyboard in reverse-printed polyester with different layouts, inserted in 19'' drawer rack 19'' (1HE/19'').
The drawer has telescopic guiding slides for extraction. It can be installed straight or inclined with drawer lock key.
Different pointing systems are available.

Membrane keypads (matrix)

Membrane keypads with protection against electrostatic charges available on flexible membrane or rigid printed circuit. Available as:
  • Flat membrane
  • Membrane with thermoformed blister
  • Flat membrane with metal domes
  • Thermoformed membrane with metal domes

Vandal-proof Keyboards

Stainless steel keyboards with high resistance to vandalism, bad weather conditions, penetration of liquids and powders.
The symbol keys can be:
  • laser printed
  • chemically engraved and silkscreen two-component deposition
  • LED backlit

Fast typing keyboards

These keyboard are characterized by greater strength and can be connected to a personal computer.
Keys are ABS with laser-printed symbols.
IP 44 protection level can be increased by adding a silicon membrane to protects the upper part of the keyboard. Embedded, desktop and drawer versions are all available.

Keyboards for Point of Informations

In certain services, the traditional touchscreen might be restrictive. K-TRONIC has developed a sturdy keyboard that stands up to frequent public while at the same time, retains a natural typing feel. The keys are ABS, with a border guards that prevent extraction.
Furthermore, metallic end stroke protection prevents damage due to excessive pressure.
Versions with and without trackball are available.

Functional Keypads

These keypads have been created in order to allow the Interaction through the exclusive use of function keys.

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